Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PTCA?

A: It is a joint creation of TCNA & CTDA to meet an industry need to certify if tiles meet the water absorption requirements for porcelain. PTCA was created because manufacturers and distributors were concerned with the amount of tiles being sold in
the U.S. that were marked as porcelain, but which were in fact not porcelain.

Q: How does PTCA benefit consumers and the industry?

A: This program is designed to directly benefit consumers purchasing porcelain tile and indirectly, everyone involved in the supply chain (i.e. manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc.). Having certified tile helps end the confusion caused by tiles being misrepresented as porcelain and provides an assurance to the consumer that the tiles they purchase are truly porcelain.

Q: What is porcelain tile, and how does it differ from ceramic tile?

A: Porcelain tile, as defined by PTCA, is a ceramic tile with a very low water absorption (0.5% or less), as tested per ASTM C373.

Q: How do I find tile that is certified as porcelain?

A: Click here to see which product series have been PTCA certified.